Random Acts of Kindness Month Event 2021



Hello guys!

This is Overflow.

I hope all of you are keeping healthy and getting over this long-term global pandemic.

Some of you would remember that I introduced a paperless braille slate last year. Overflow, has developed a paperless braille slate since 2017 and finally launched Versa Slate, the paperless braille slate in May, 2020.

And it was a thrilling experience for me that we donated 200 braille slates to blind schools in Cambodia.

And I attended an virtual conference named NFB conference virtually, in July.

At the conference, I had a chance to be introduced by my friend Judy Dixon on her website.

She runs an online braille slate collection and my company's item, Versa Slate, is now on the main page of her website.

If you want to run more about what is the concept of the paperless braille slate and how to use it, please access Judy Dixon's Collection of Braille and Tactile-writing Devices(

By the way, there is a Random Acts of Kindness Day on the 17th of this month. On the occasion of the day, I was thinking about what I can do to the people I like.

So, I prepared an event for everyone interested in trying the paperless braille slate.

It is a Random Kindness Acts Month Event.

From today to the end of this month, we are going to provide our item package to everyone with no shipping fee for the first time.

Let me explain the package item, Versa Friends.

Versa Friends include 3 paperless braille slate. They are one Versa Slate(20Cells, 4Lines, 80Cells in total), two Versa Slate Mini(12Cells, 2Lines, 24Cells in total).

We are also including two strap, which are in pink and sky blue, so that you can hang Versa Slate Mini like a necklace.

Versa Friends are a set of items that you can make a brief memo while you are talking on the phone, writing a to-do list, And calculate numbers.

If you are interested in this event, please visit the website below.

There are several options that you can add a protective case for #VersaSlate so that you can protect the item, the note on the slate, and you can put it on a fridge or magnetic things.

About more details, please find more information below.

I hope you like this event.